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About DoctorEmi.com

About DoctorEmi.com – How This Site Came to Be

About DoctorEmi.comAs a physician working every day with my patients (To learn more about me and my background, please read Doctor Emi’s Bio), I wanted a single place to send them to read good information about the problems and health challenges they were facing— information not colored by money from pharmaceutical companies, the commercial food industry, or TV sensationalism. After years of consideration, thought and planning about DoctorEmi.com, it has happily come to fruition!

I wanted a place where my patients could have access to not only standard medical information, but also the natural and holistic approaches which are backed by good science. I wanted to provide information exposing the limitations of some basic health information they were getting from the standard sources. I also wanted patients to be aware of different approaches that seem to work but are beyond the ways we normally study things in Western Medicine (such as acupuncture, which looks at the body through a totally different system, but has worked to maintain the health of the world’s most populous country for 7,000 years). I wanted a place where patients could learn from a trusted source about the good, the bad, and the ugly of each approach.

As I met friends, relatives and other associates who lived far from me and who I could not help directly as a physician, I saw the need to expand this umbrella of good information. Most patients today are lucky to get a question in edgewise during the short office visits that have become the norm as the primary means of obtaining health care.  I wanted a place they could go to read about their common concerns. Since I practice medicine nearly every day of the year, I have a good idea what many of these concerns are, and I will take the time in my blog posts to address them with well-researched posts, boiling down the sophisticated science and art of medicine into understandable bites. I also welcome your suggestions for new blog post topics (a few of which will be selected on an ongoing basis).

DoctorEmi.com can help you learn and advocate for your own health, and arm you with the knowledge to ask your doctor the right short and pointed questions so you can get the most out of your office visits. It will be a way for you to learn about yourself, your body, and what approaches might be best for your health and longevity.