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Welcome to DoctorEmi.com

Hello, and welcome to DoctorEmi.com. Have you ever wished you could get detailed information from a medical doctor who is open to, and a champion of, holistic and natural health? Do you wish you could find holistic health solutions that are backed by science?  Are you curious about alternative therapies that seem to work but are thus far unproven by science?  If so, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to DoctorEmi.com - The Doctor of the Future

Doctor Emi’s outstanding medical education and experience is one part of the expertise she shares with you on this website. What makes her unique is that during the past twenty years, Doctor Emi has vastly developed and expanded her knowledge and understanding in the areas of:

  • molecular biology and biochemistry
  • the interaction of medicines with natural substances including herbs and nutritional supplements
  • cutting-edge scientific research
  • the application of scientifically-based protocols with innovative treatment options
  • specialized course work in integrative medicine – bringing together the best parts of various healing practices

Doctor Emi is the fulfillment of Thomas Edison’s prophecy!  Her mission is to bring this wealth of knowledge to anyone interested in improving their health.